Life Styles

Live different with original models and solutions

Special For You

Custom designs for you are distinctive to Misilla Home…

Luxury Design

Experience luxury with top quality materials and craftsmanship

Misilla Home

Perfect beauty and classic modernism…

Discovery and Analysis

We discover the region to be designed and analyze your requests before the design applications

Shop Design

Shebang designs to provide a higher quality and luxurious environment to your customers

Special Designs

Misilla Home designs are exclusive to you and special for you. Productions for your imagination.

What They Say About Us

We were renovated by the Misilla Home with impressive and magnificent furnishings. While waiting for a design in the style we see everywhere, we found really beautiful products that are really special to us. Thanks again “Misilla Home”, the address of the modern aesthetic and harmonious beauty.

Zerafet Ankara

We got service to our hotels in line with our demand for special design chairs with modern lines. Using fire-retardant fabrics, Misilla Home created an unusual design with products that conform to the standards of our hotels. The only word in our mind is “Magnificent”.

Hilton Ankara

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